The owner of this wonderful country garden extending to several acres wished to replace the old leaking swimming pond with a pretty and feminine garden area which would have an element of formality yet be easy to maintain. The main issues to consider were that the site can become very damp in the winter and yet get baked dry in some summers, and that deer and rabbits are a problem. My client wished for reasonably low maintenance planting with a predominantly white colour scheme. The site is next to a large barn with a sunny garden room attached, although there are some trees nearby. It looks out over the most beautiful open meadow with an orchard to one side and is very tranquil. The main house is a few hundred metres away to the south. I came up with several draft schemes from which one was selected. Work on infilling and firming the pond site was carried out in June 2012 and then the soil was left to settle further for a few months, so that we could safely lay paths and paving in early 2013. Planting was completed in March 2013 - more photos will be added as the garden matures.


Country Garden Before 1 Country Garden Before 2 Country Garden Before 3 Country Garden Before 4


Country Garden During 1 Country Garden During  2 Country Garden During  3 Country Garden During 4


Country Garden After 1 Country Garden After 2 Country Garden After 3 Country Garden After 4