Once the design has been agreed I can recommend the most appropriate contractors to approach on your behalf for a quotation to construct your garden. I like to provide at least two contractors with the plans so that they can quote unambiguously for the same work and a decision about whom to employ can be reached fairly.

I work with local contractors who share my aesthetic values and all of whose workmanship is first class, so I can be confident that my designs will be beautifully implemented, using the most appropriate and harmonious materials, sourced locally and with sustainability in mind whenever possible.

The contractors I recommend are hardworking and trustworthy and they pride themselves on maintaining a safe and tidy site throughout operations. I make regular site visits to ensure that the design is being implemented correctly and charge per quarter hour (at a rate agreed with you in advance) for this important service, keeping my visits as brief as possible.

Whilst the build is in progress I keep in regular touch and can always be contacted on my mobile or by e-mail to answer any questions you may have.