Planting Plans and Plant Sourcing

With my passion for plants and sound horticultural knowledge, I design beautiful planting plans which really work and provide year-round interest through the structure, colour and scent of the plants and their subtly changing dynamics within their garden setting. Planting plans are charged separately from design plans and show quantities, species and size of the plants to be used. With every planting plan I provide a complimentary image sheet so you can see what the plants I am proposing for your garden will look like.

Once you have approved the planting plan, I arrange delivery of the plants at the appropriate time.  I use top class, local suppliers of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and bulbs, which means you get high quality plants which will thrive because I ensure that the right plants are chosen for your garden's particular conditions.

Once the plants have been delivered, I can set them out in position for you or your gardener to plant, or do the planting on your behalf, which I love to do when time permits.  Alternatively I can arrange for the planting to be carried out by one of my recommended landscaping contractors.

I supply discreet, attractive plant labels for your new plants so that you can easily identify each type as you get to know your new garden. 

Sample Planting Plan - click for download (pdf):

Granary planting Plan 

Sample Planting - click for a close-up:

Ross Farm Planting Plan Ballota Pseudodictamnus Viburnum Bloom Sumptuous Papaver or Patty's Plum

Paeonia Lactiflora or Bowl of Beauty Tulips in Grass Geranium Phaeum Dainty Iris Sibiric